About Us

XRatedBaskets is the new sexy and exciting gift to send when fruit and flowers are no longer doing the trick. We created a way to send sex appeal, seduction and excitement in a quick discreet manor. 
We have a basket for ANYONE and EVERYONE!
Tired of sending your girlfriend flowers that don't last? Tired of sending your boyfriend fruit baskets? Send your significant other a gift that both of you can benefit from!
Your best friend have a bad break up? Send him/her a basket to lift their spirits.
Long distance love? Send them a basket to use in your absence.
Are you the maid of honor for your best friends wedding and want a quick and easy way to get everything for the Bachelorette party? Our Bachelorette basket has everything you need.
We've created a way to send just the right gift when words just aren't enough. What better than the gift of pleasure? Send the gift of passion with XRatedBaskets!

Questions? Comments?  Email: info@xratedbaskets.com or call:




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